“EMF exposures are complex and come from multiple sources in the home and workplace in addition to power lines. Although scientists are still debating whether EMF is a hazard to health, the NIEHS recommends continued education on ways of reducing exposures.”

From Cancer.org:

“Several studies have analyzed the combined data from multiple studies of power line exposure

and childhood leukemia:

A pooled analysis of nine studies reported a twofold increase in risk of childhood leukemia among children with exposures of 0.4 μT [4mG] or higher. Less than 1 percent of the children

in the studies experienced this level of exposure.

A meta-analysis of 15 studies observed a 1.7-fold increase in childhood leukemia among

children with exposures of 0.3 μT [3mG] or higher. A little more than 3 percent of children in the

studies experienced this level of exposure

More recently, a pooled analysis of seven studies published after 2000 reported a 1.4-fold

increase in childhood leukemia among children with exposures of 0.3 μT [3mG] or higher. However, less than one half of 1 percent of the children in the studies experienced this level of exposure”

Electromagnetic Fields


EMF Health Effects

Exposure to high levels of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation has been linked to many health issues, including being a suspected risk factor for childhood leukemia. The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified EMFs as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

According to Eversource's own research, the exposure levels from this proposed project would be in excess of 5 milligaus (mG)/0.5 microteslas, and as high as 10mG. These levels of EMF exposure are above the threshold of 3mG or 4mG, which the WHO acknowledged correlates with increases in childhood leukemia.

“With regard to long term effects ... studies have presented data indicating an association between ELF exposure above approximately 0.3-0.4 μT [3mG-4mG] and an increased risk of childhood leukemia.”

The proposed Eversource substation and buried power lines would expose

residences to very high levels of EMF. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), this project could place local residents in the 99.5 percentile-- the top 0.5%-- for EMF exposure!

Below is Eversource's own modelling for the EMF levels they're expecting from the proposed project. Although they are already extremely high, other experts testified that the actual levels could be even higher. Here are Eversource's own EMF calculations and forecasts for the project. 

Read articles below:


In closing, the potential health impacts from EMF are still being researched and are the subject

of ongoing scientific debate. Although the biological mechanism is still unknown, there is a

strong correlation between exposure to EMFs at high levels and higher incidences of childhood

leukemia – after a certain threshold (3-4mG), children are approximately twice as likely to

develop the disease. In light of this fact, we subscribe to the cautionary principle and want to

expose as few residences and children to these high levels of EMF as possible. This sentiment is

mirrored here the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS):


Eversource's expert who is trying to assures us that there are no risks associated with EMF's has a very checkered past, and has actually testified for Philip Morris that light cigarettes are healthy, and has claimed that asbestos does not lead to Mesothelioma.  Yes, you read that right!

Eversource Expert

Eversource’s own EMF expert acknowedged that a project in Winchester would have EMF levels signficantly higher than the threshold identified WHO and other organizations. It is nice to see the residents of Winchester, are standing up for themselves, their health, their families, their community, just like we are.

San Diego parents' worst nightmare (Feb. 2016)