High Voltage Electricity

We are taught from a young age to stay away from anything that has a placard warning us about HIGH VOLTAGE.  Yet, Eversource is planning to put a high voltage substation - which would certainly have such a warning placard - just feet from a proposed playing field, and just feet from what may someday be a harbor walk.

The closeness of this proposed substation is unprecedented.  After getting caught in a lie, Eversource was forced to concede:


"Upon further review there are no Eversource Energy substations as proximate to soccer or playing fields as the proposed East Eagle Street Substation would be to the proposed soccer field.”   

The proposed substation site in East Boston is also alarmingly lose to a fuel depot, and in particular a tank containing millions of gallons of jet fuel.

Substations are ignition sources, and are known to spark, arc, catch fire, and even explode. 


In the wake of Super Storm Sandy, a substation exploded in Manhattan, causing a cataclysmic explosion.  Yet, Eversource wants to site this substation on an eroding shoreline, just feet from a tank of jet fuel.  Can you imagine what would happen if a substation is built here and it does flood during a storm? 

A quick Google search shows a number of electrocution deaths from children who have wandered into substations chasing balls, including incidents in Miami and Australia.  This risk does not faze Eversource, though, as they are willing to roll the dice and let East Boston be the first community to have a substation this close to a playing field – but don’t worry, they are going to install a mesh at the top of one of the walls to solve the problem!

Moreover, there is an added threat of electrocution to pets from stray voltage on the affected streets and in the neighboring lot, which has been known to happen here in Boston. There is a website called Street Zaps, which tracks instences where pets are harmed from stray electrical voltage.

Proximity to large fuel tanks.