Stop Eversource and their broken promises!

Did you know that there are many other towns and communities across New England fighting Eversource transmission line projects?

All of these communities are organizing campaigns like ours in East Boston that express serious concerns of long-term impacts to local human health, residential property values, degradation of the environment and even threatening water supplies. Sound familiar?

We stand united with these cities and towns across New England!

In many of these towns, approved municipal budgets are covering the costs of these opposition campaigns while at the same time, elected city and town representatives are playing an active advocacy role on behalf of their concerned constituents and in some cases writing letters to the Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB), demanding that Eversource make good on promises to rectify their facilities’ impacts and degradation to the local environment.

Faced with a new project, the Town Representatives of Stoughton called out Eversource for some of their broken promises related to a prior project in August of 2016 to the EFSB.

Unfortunately, this seems to be a troubling pattern with Eversource.

Do you want to know more about why we are fighting Eversource in East Boston or where your local East Boston representatives stand on this issue? Read through our website to learn more, and call or email your representatives to see where they stand on this issue. It is your right as a resident and constituent.

Speak out and get involved!

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