Electrocuted in your own backyard!

​Just imagine...

You are in your own backyard (or at a local park) with your pet, when suddenly a high voltage line becomes compromised, and electrifies the very ground you are walking on.

This is the tragedy that befell Thomas Joseph Poynton Jr. last year in New Jersey – a 31-year old father and teacher – when he was electrocuted to death, along with his dog, in his own backyard, which was close to an electrical substation.

"Tom truly inspired students in the classroom and on the football field and that is how he will be remembered," [the superintendent] said in a statement. "We are deeply saddened by Tom's death ... ."

Met-Ed says it has two circuits in the area where the incident occurred in the 200 block of Royal Manor Road on Tuesday morning. The line failure remained under investigation, but preliminary indications were that a 34,500-kilovolt line that feeds a nearby substation was to blame, utility spokesman Scott Surgeoner said. [Full Article]

WHY let Eversource install two 115,000 volt lines here in Eastie?

Not only would these cables be run in front of residences, but they would feed a substation that would be closer to a playing field than any substation that Eversource owns! Eversource admits this fact!

Electrocution from stray voltage is a real danger.

Electrocution from retrieving a stray ball from a substation is a real danger.

The plan to build this here is real and we must stop it!

Please share these articles and speak to your elected officials today!

Sign our petition! More than 6,000 have already signed!

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