Massive Substation Fire in Philly!

Yesterday, there was another substation fire, this time in Philadelphia.

Massive Substation Fire in Philly!

"Two Philadelphia schools were closed Wednesday as officials continued to work to restore power for thousands after flames spread through a PECO substation in Philadelphia’s Nicetown-Tioga section Tuesday afternoon." Full Article and Video

It seems that every week we are seeing frightening footage of yet another substation fire or explosion. Yet, Eversource still wants to place a dangerous substation in East Boston that would be:

  • Closer to a recreational or playing field than any substation Eversource owns!

  • Just feet from jet fuel tanks which contain millions of gallons of jet fuel!

  • On an eroding shoreline that is the focus of an Army Corps of Engineers Emergency Stabilization Project!

  • Susceptible to flooding, as Eversource's own study admits!!! Unbelievable!

Please share this video and story! Let your elected officials know that you know the facts and are opposed to Eversource's terrible proposal here in East Boston!

A substation does not need to be here, and the time to speak out is now!

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